From Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions to introduce CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, wire cutting machines and other advanced molding equipment, more than 200 sets of oil seal molds, more than 10 sets of valve chamber cover molds, more than 20 sets of other seal molds.
Yida Automotive Seals Co., Ltd. produces more than 3,000 types of automotive seals. It is widely used in Japanese, Korean, European and American cars. It has introduced automatic production systems from advanced developed countries, using automatic rubber mixers, phosphating. Production line, professional oil seal vulcanizing machine, automatic vacuum vulcanizing machine, injection vulcanizing machine, oil seal cutting lip machine and computer spring production machine, imported CNC lathe, EDM machine, wire cutting machine, CNC from Japan, Korea and Taiwan Advanced molding equipment such as machining centers produce about 3 million oil seals per month, about 300,000 valve cover pads and oil bottom pads, and about 4 million other home appliances!
Yida Rubber Seals Co., Ltd. fully implements ISO9001 and QS9000 international quality management system. All products have been confirmed by the AQSIQ. Some raw materials have passed the US FDA certification. The company purchases raw materials, production order review, new product development, and sample submission. It is confirmed that the production process and after-sales service are all implemented according to the international automotive spare parts professional standards, and the products have 100% traceability.
The company adopts the most advanced performance testing equipment in the industry, such as: oil-sealed bench test machine for simulation test, radial force test machine for oil seal, etc.; electronic tensile test machine, sulfur change instrument for detecting physical properties and chemical properties of raw materials. Analyze the accuracy of the inspection equipment and the projector with inspection tolerances. Specialized and automated production equipment and advanced quality management systems ensure the quality of turbulent products.